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bad grandmas press-01


Don't mess with these four ladies “just trying to enjoy life” in the twilight.

This movie largely accomplishes what it sets out to do: provide some light entertainment, some deadpan and somewhat dark humor while not taking itself too seriously. The story structure, performances and cinematography are all surprisingly good. If you liked "Blood Simple" and "Raising Arizona" then you might also enjoy "Bad Grandmas" similar tone and sense of humor.

From Director Srikant Chellappa and Co-writer Jack Snyder; this movie delivers as a well-made low-budget farce that moves well with several funny moments mixed in. Much of the humor is carried by Florence Henderson who shines as the "ringleader" Mimi, as they seek there own form of "justice".

Set in a small Southern town, the story follows four grannies as they try to enjoy their twilight years playing cards, bingo and having a drink or two to take the edge off. When a no-good con-man, the "ex" son-in-law Jim tries to exploit one of them, Mimi takes matters into her own hands to try and "fix" things. But, it all goes south quickly as she "accidentally" shoots him. When he turns up as missing, the con-man's parter shows up to collect and the ladies "anxiety" level reaches new heights as they try to "keep a lid on it".

The nosy and bumbling police detective Randall McLemore, played by Randall Batinkoff, is just smart enough to sense that there is "something fishy" going on. Pam Grier plays Mimi's close "partner-in-crime" friend Coralee with a kind of goofy zeal. The con-man's partner Harry, played Judge Reinhold, is semi-scary but ultimately not the sharpest tool in the shed either. Susie Wall is very funny as Mimi's bingo friend Bobbi, who is the target of the con men.

The title might sound like it's a low-end effort, but its actually quite well done with a terrific performance by Florence Henderson in her final role.

“A goofy, yet still kind of dark comedy...” “Florence Henderson drives the comedic elements with a can-do attitude and it works.”

David Voigt - IN THE SEATS

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